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have a transparent asahina to float on your blog!

Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

I’ve always wanted to draw her as something other than a little ball of light, so here’s my design for you!This is her prior to visiting the Temple of Time, I’ll upload her SevenYearsLater!Version as well in a bit uwu(Pose, courtesy of ArtReferenceSource on DeviantArt)

i just realised that i uploaded this to my main blog instead of my art blog orz, here’s for the people that follow this blog rather than my main. <3 uwu
waaahh! ;n; the colors were messed up when i transferred this onto the computer! (i’m just more upset because all the gradients are almost nonexistent now)i painted with watercolor for the first time in a while as a birthday present for my girlfriend uwu she loves the legend of zelda series, so i wanted to do a little something from her favorite series for her! <3
isabela work in progress for a little project two other lovelies and i are doing. c:
Above the Sea ~ X

click for HQ

Just a quick thing I did for a friend :)
i realised earlier that i have never drawn kanaya.i fixed that was definitely because i didn’t want to attempt her hair.